VNC is the representative and exclusive distributor Chitosan of VNF (Vietnam Food) in USA. Our Chitosan is sourced 100% from shrimp shell and it is applied in many industries, which are: agrichemicals, environment (water treatment), ink and printing, cosmetic applications, and pharmaceutical applications. We are aiming to be the major competitor from Vietnam in the growing Chitosan supply industry. By our present, we attempt to simplify and solve the obligations between the US customers and our Vietnam Manufacturer.

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VNF (Vietnam Foods) is the largest byproduct processing in Vietnam, it's invested the most modern aquatic byproduct processor using Zero Waste Technology. VNF has advantage source of raw material which VNF is partnered with the top shrimp exporter in the world (Minh Phu Corporation). Therefore, VNF is able to assures about the international standards of our Chitosan products. Moreover, VNF factories are invested properly and placed in material zones (Mekong Delta). Last but not least, Vnf owns a very strong R&D capability by collaborating with Nha Trang University, the leading institution for researching about fisheries sector.


Together, we bring our best and professional services to the U.S. We commit to bring our customer the high , and long-term quality, competitive price, and a reasonable delivery time.

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